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History of the Bags

Buy a BUDAP bagBUDAPA BUDAP bag bags are made from the traditional African garments called kitenge and kangas.

Kitenges (the Swahili plural is vitenge) serve as an inexpensive, informal piece of clothing that is often decorated with a huge variety of colours, patterns and even political slogans. Kitenges are used by both men and woman as casual or formal dress. Kitenges are similar to kangas, but are of a thicker cloth, and have an edging only on the long side.

Lots of selection!The Kanga (sometimes khanga) is a colourful garment similar to kitenge, worn by women and occasionally by men throughout Eastern Africa. It is a piece of printed cotton fabric, about 1.5m by 1m, often with a border along all four sides and a central part which differs in design from the borders. Kangas are usually very colourful and quite pretty.