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Karibu BUDAP Workshop

You can come visit the BUDAP Workshop and see first-hand how BUDAP drums and other handicrafts are made!

step 1

A hole in the center of the drum is started using one tool...

...and further continued using another
The frame of the drum is hand carved
The drum has now been fully hollowed out and is ready to be smoothed
The drum head is made using cow skin
A punching tool is used to created holes in the drum head skin so that it can be srung onto the drum base.
Cow skin is also used to thread the head of the drum to the base
There is a lot of work to be done to thread the head of the drum to the base
Once finally completed the threads have to be tightened once last time to ensure that the drums have the best sound
The BUDAP drum is now complete!
In another part of the workshop, BUDAP's tailors work at making handbags out of tradditional Tanzanian vitenge and khanga